My Mysterious Little Wonder Woman

September 28, 2016

Whenever I feel lost and out of place and ready to throw in the towel (how will this place ever feel

like home?), all I have to do is look at Abby.

Last night was Abby’s Back-to-School-Night. Though less crazy than Open House, we still had to park at the church across the street and navigate through hordes of strange people. That alone-in-a-crowd feeling hit me right away. Everyone knew each other. They formed little family circles, greeting each other with hugs and high-pitched, Southern greetings. We moved through them unnoticed.

And I thought, gosh, is this how Abby feels?

Maybe at first. But, not now.

I am in awe of my mysterious little wonder woman. Abby may have shed some tears (very few) when we left Virginia, but she has bravely battled the new-kid beast every since… and SHE’S WINNING.

She scored her first texting friend yesterday, a girl who rides her bus and lives within walking distance. Yay, Abby!

At Back-to School-Night, Abby joined right in with three other girls playing on the blacktop. She told us that she sits with them at lunch. They played while their moms huddled up talking. Joe and I stood awkwardly to ourselves.

She’s clearly much better at this than we are!

There are 800 kids at Abby’s school - many more than she’s used to. She faces off with this newness everyday and she hasn’t folded, hasn’t even complained or cried! She’s my not-so-little, eleven-year-old hero. She’s adjusted with grace, courage, and patience. We are infinitely proud and totally impressed by her.

So, Back-to-School-Night wasn’t just our chance to meet Abby’s teachers (they were all spunky, pretty women with Southern twangs and y’alls spilling out of their mouths and they all love Abby), but a chance for us to be schooled. Whenever we feel down in the dumps about all this newness, all we have to do is look at Abby and hope abounds.

He rekindles burned-out lives with fresh hope,

Restoring dignity and respect to their lives—

a place in the sun!

1 Samuel 2:8 The Message