A Plant Mystery

September 6, 2016

Today, I salvaged my plants. Finally.

My houseplants travelled with us during the move in laundry

baskets. They stayed with us in the hot car, the hotel, the disgusting rental, and finally the house, where I stuck them on the deck. Though I watered them as often as I could and put them in the sun, they suffered during the move. Parts of the plants withered and cracked off. Green turned to brown. It wasn’t pretty.

It's a mystery that they survived at all.

All of them, in some form or fashion, have been gifts from my mother. One when Ethan was born. Others along the way. As I am not much of a plant person, it’s a miracle they lasted this long.

But, they had. Only for us to move and murder them.

Even when I finally got some good potting soil and set about saving them, I thought it was too late. I broke up the dead clumps, pulled off the dead leaves, removed all the broken pieces. But, anything green I replanted. New pots. New dirt. Fresh water. A few prayers (for forgiveness and for salvation).

And guess what?

They all died.

Just kidding! I’m just messing with you - Abby-style. Remember her prank on good ol' mom?

The plants pulled through and thrived even if they looked different than before.

With one kid in college, the other successfully adapting to middle school, and no job, I felt like those plants. Nothing looked the way it did before. Surrounded by newness, survive and thrive - uncertain, a big, terrible, wonderful mystery. My dreams of writing full-time, devoting myself to a writing career - I finally had it! But, I felt stunted and it was a struggle just to get started. Instead of soaking up the newness and what could be, I wallowed in the dried up pieces and what was.

But, nothing grows that way.

So, I started by salvaging what I had, taking it minute by minute, and forced my focus.

“Light-seeds are planted in the souls of God’s people,

Joy-seeds are planted in good heart-soil.”

Psalm 97:11 The Message