The Mystery of the Blow

September 3, 2016

After weathering the storm of the first week of school, we prepared for our next - an actual storm. Storms are always mysterious because no one really knows what they'll do, not really.

Tropical Storm Hermine was due

to make landfall on Friday. Abby got out of school an hour or so early (which she was upset about - my what a difference a week makes!). We prepared our yard and planned for power outages.

Though we were promised a dumping of 5-7 inches of rain, our neighbor across the street told us that this “blow” wouldn’t be too bad. The yard and street are fitted with storm drains. These direct the water out of our yard and into the retention pond behind our house. Ponds like this are everywhere around Wilmington, and ours is particularly large. We wouldn’t flood.

But, we worried a little anyway. We are coastal-newcomers, after all. We’ve barely taken a breath here and now we’ve got a storm to contend with and if you’ve ever seen storm coverage on the national news, you’ll know that the Wilmington area is constantly featured. Al Roker and the gang race to get here whenever a “blow” blows through like it’s a storm mecca. So, yeah, we were a tad concerned.

Once again, worrying was a waste of time. It always is.

Hermine was barely a “blow”. Our yard never flooded. Power never even flickered. The “blow” was hardly a breath.

Just as we were steering our way out of this storm, though, another brewed.

I texted Ethan. He’s been incredibly busy with Corps stuff, and the first football game of the season was Saturday. Game day for the Corps might is a work day. They are entirely booked. I asked Ethan if he liked the Corps.

LOL. No.

Getting up before dawn, giving up most of your weekends, having to wear a uniform all the time - I can understand why not. Still, I’m praying he weathers it instead of giving up.

“Stronger than wild sea storms,

Mightier than sea-storm breakers,

Mighty God rules from High Heaven.”

Psalm 93:4 The Message