The Mystery of Shopping Therapy

August 26, 2016

I’ve come to appreciate back-to-school shopping.

I don’t quite understand the need for the uniformity of school supplies. I certainly didn’t have such bothers when I was a kid. I just got my Trapper Keeper, paper, pencils - the usual stuff, but whatever colors and styles I wanted - and miraculously had everything I needed. Why everything has to be so tediously specific these days is a mystery! Kinda takes the fun out of it.

BUT, getting new stuff for school kinda lessens the blow of having to go, I think. And having a list is like being handed a mission.

So, in the nervous days before the start of school, Abby and I busied ourselves with shopping therapy. We both needed it!

The weekend before school started was our FIRST weekend at home in the new house. Every other had been tied up with traveling. So, it was also nice to do something normal with that time, like back-to-school shopping.

We did the mandatory Target/Walmart run for supplies. We circled aisles, minds spinning over college-rule vs. regular, folders with prongs and without, fat or thin Expo markers - like the other parental/child drones scavenging for glue sticks and number two pencils. It was chaotic, but fine.

But the mall was shopping bliss. (Did I tell you that it’s only five minutes from our house now?)

When we’re not putting up attitudes, Abby and I have a great time together. It may have helped that we shared an Orange Julius, pretzel bites, and scored some good deals, but we had fun. Having fun together was actually the best accomplishment of back-to-school shopping. To have fun together, we had to just be present - not worried over the future or stressing about the past, but soaking in the moment.

It's a mystery why we can't be in the moment all the time. I don't know why we get so caught up that we don't even notice. But, when it happens, it's magic. Abby and I have shared many moments like that since the whole move-madness began, and I hope that continues. We have to make time for beach breaks, shopping therapy, and just being together.

“When times are good, be happy.”

Ecclesiastes 7:4