Mysterious Moving Perks, So Far

August 15, 2016

It's a mystery when I’ll be able to say for sure that moving was the best thing for us. I think it was, but it’s too soon to call it, if we ever can. We’ll never know if our lives would’ve been better here or there because we can’t do both. We can only move forward in faith, knowing this was what God wanted.

But for now, I can say that moving gave me two solid weeks with Ethan that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. If we’d stayed, Ethan would’ve spent 98% of that time hanging out with friends - not us. Just a sad, but true fact. Moving enabled us to be with him, and for him to hang out with his little sister, and be a rock during this whole transition.

Moving’s also given me my mom back. She calls almost every day now, sometimes more than once a day. I love it. Once I started working again eight years ago, Mom quit calling as much. She never wanted to catch me at a bad time. We’d often go weeks without speaking to each other. And honestly before this decision to go coastal, it may have been months. Since the decision to move, she’s been very communicative and involved. Having grown up near Wilmington (about an hour and a half away in Goldsboro), she’s felt more connected to this move than most people, I think. My grandmother, Sugar, had a house in Carolina Beach that we used to visit all the time in the summer. These roots are how Joe and I came to love this area, and my mom has an investment in that. We’re further apart in distance, but closer in our relationship. Isn’t it mysteriously weird how that can work?

Moving’s already given us that incredible ahhhhh feeling. Last night, after a five hour drive home from Va

Tech, we put on our bathing suits, grabbed towels, and hit the beach. We soaked up just being there, swimming in the ocean and resting on the sand. What a perfect end to a beautiful and emotional weekend of sending our son off to college!

“They will feast on the abundance of the seas,

on the treasures hidden in the sand.”

Deuteronomy 33:19