A Shopping Mystery

August 11, 2016

Whatever time wasn’t eaten up with unpacking, was spent gathering. We had

fridges to fill, furniture to buy, and a son to get ready for college. Ethan had to report for cadet week on August 13th and his must-have list was long and specific.

If there was an Olympic event for shopping (and maybe

there should be), my brother, Michael, would’ve earned the gold medal during his visit with us, and I could’ve scored a silver. He was there to help with Ethan’s lengthy list, which was seriously a godsend! Having already taken care of household stuff at Sam’s ($400) and Target (who knows?) and spending $1,200 on furniture we needed, I could hardly handle a mega-shopping trip to Walmart.

Walmart and I don’t get along well on a good day, but throw in a must-have list that’s pages long and includes things like boot socks, athletic socks without color or logos, shoe shine kit, white sheets, white towels, and so on and so on… egads! I could’ve lost my mind, what’s left! Powering through this was going to be a mystery.

But, Walmart wasn’t awful! Even after spending another $400 there. We managed to get most of the items on our long list without going too crazy! A miracle! We worked together, led by Michael, and got it all knocked out. Though Ethan and I still needed to grab some leftover items elsewhere, the bulk of it was finished.

I’ve learned two important lessons through it all:

1.) Moving is always more expensive than anticipated.

2.) Sending a child to college is always more expensive than anticipated.

I’ve also learned to appreciate help, especially when it shows up at just the right time! It’s worth its weight in Olympic gold! And for once in my life, I’m all shopped out!

“When you give it to them,

they gather it up;

when you open your hand,

they are satisfied with good things.”

Psalm 104:28