A Neighborly Mystery

August 11, 2016

The first week at our new house we met four neighbors and had two houseguests.

Ethan’s BFF Trevor came for a visit. My brother Michael came a couple of days later. Sure, the house was a disaster, but no one cared! It was awesome just being together. It was wonderfully comforting to mix familiar faces with all the new ones - and there were several new ones!

On move-in day, our neighbors across the street, Sherman and Martha, popped by with a bottle of sparkling cider. They gave us a rundown on all the other neighbors, gave us their phone numbers, and offered help if needed. They’d helped the lady next door with a snake on her deck once, and given my distaste for the creatures, I knew that having neighbors who don’t mind wrangling snakes would be a real bonus!

The lady around the corner from us, Lisa (another Lisa! I can’t believe it!) visited with her two children (boys ages 5 and 9) and brought us freshly baked bread (still hot). They invited Abby to go for a bike ride with them and she did!

Sara next door visited with her two children (ages 3 and 5), and brought us delicious cookies! Her little girl asked me, “Where are your little kids?” I laughed. I don’t have those anymore!

Down the street, we met Bill - the same gentleman who talked to us when we were driving through the neighborhood a month or so ago. He actually lives at a different house than we saw him at the first time - he was there delivering food to an elderly man. He does that a lot. He told us that he has a truck and a veteran’s discount at Lowe’s. “Need anything? I’ll take you up there and get you a few dollars off.” He also ran down a list of items he had on hand that we could borrow. “What’s mine is yours, just bring it back,” he said.

A few days after first meeting Sherman, he stopped by again to offer up the extra space in his trash/recycling bins - if we needed it.

We are seriously blown away over the kindness of our neighbors! We’ve lived in neighborhoods before, of course, and our last neighborhood was great, but we’d never experienced this level of friendliness. It reminded me of that day at the park when everyone gave us full-bodied hellos and smiles. It’s joyful and refreshing. They intended to make us feel welcome, and they did! It's no mystery that we've been showered in Southern hospitality and God's blessings.

“Always be eager to practice hospitality.”

Romans 12:13