The Mystery of Greener Grass

Sunday, August 7, 2016


We’re here, all moved in!


The grass is greener! Seriously!


Joe and the kids are sleeping in - in their own beds. I’m sitting by the window in my new office, alternating between ogling the greener grass and imagining how to arrange my desk. There’s a lot to figure out. Everything’s a grand mess. There are towers of boxes everywhere. It's a jumbled, out-of-order mystery. And it feels AWESOME!


The movers arrived at 7:00 a.m. Saturday and were done by 12:30. Moving in was faster and easier than moving out. And obviously, more fun - less tears.


Joe even managed to get our internet up and running - a feat considering that we were first told it would take a week. He even scored us 20 channels of cable (hello, Sling!) and surround sound! It’s a relief, already, to be here and getting settled. It’s even better to have creature comforts. 


The house is lovely and comfortable, despite the mess. We’re all figuring out how to arrange our rooms, how to fill drawers, and where to hang things. Learning what switch goes to what light has been illuminating. There is soooo much to do. So many little mysteries to solve.


But, in this quiet moment, I am thankful and happy and content to stare at the grass in wonder and praise.


“He is like the light of morning at sunrise

    on a cloudless morning,

like the brightness after rain

    that brings grass from the earth.”

2 Samuel 23:4


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