The Mystery of More Drama. Really.

August 3/4, 2016

“We may not be able to move in until Monday."

Joe's words were bombs delivered when he got home from work on Wednesday to our gross rental. At this point, we'd been staying in hotels/rentals for six days, with only two to go before our closing date on Friday, August 5th. The movers were coming August 6th. Everything was set.

Well, not everything.

Joe had been told that because of some city-approval thing, we may not be able to move in until Monday, when whatever needed to be done could be done.

We were dumbfounded over this sudden, shattering mystery.

What a difference three days would make! What that meant was another hotel, moving our stuff into a storage unit (the movers couldn’t change their delivery date), hiring local movers to move us from the storage unit to the house, and, of course, 3 less days to get settled before Ethan goes to college.

Just dumbfounded.

I almost exploded like an angry cartoon

character, but I had no energy. I definitely cried. That was the day I had a fever and was already feeling terrible and emotional (we were also watching the US finals for gymnastics in the Olympics - I was tearing up every time they did and over the commercials and every time I thought about Ethan leaving).

But, it was out of our hands. Truly. And despite it all, we were hopeful that God would work out this mystery for us. He’s awesome at that sort of thing. And if it didn’t, another plan would fall into its place. It had to. We prayed and prayed and prayed.

So, I sniffled. Joe coughed. We watched the Olympics.

Come to find out the next day that the city-approval thing wasn’t a city-approval thing after all, but a seller thing - a document that they had neglected to sign.

When asked to go to the lawyer’s office and sign it, the sellers said, “Oh, we’ll just do it on Monday.”

Heated arguments flew back and forth between our agents (Joanna is small, but mighty). The lawyer told them they needed to sign the document, and he even made a special trip to their house to make sure they did (God bless that lawyer!).

The sellers explained, “We just wanted the weekend to clean.”

Joanna suspected that their agent wasn’t truthful with her, that this ridiculous scheme was invented to give her clients the extra, extra three days they’d asked for and we’d refused weeks ago. Remember?

Only God knows the whole story. This is just what we experienced on our side of things. But, Joe and I have bought three houses now, sold two, and we’ve never had such frustrations. With only a day left before closing, it was still a mystery if it would actually happen!

Joe drove by the house the next day on his lunch break just to be sure. Movers were there, thank God! They’re moving out and Saturday, we move in.

“The righteous keep moving forward,

and those with clean hands become stronger and stronger.”

Job 17:9