The Mysterious Beauty of Boredom

July 28, 2016

I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I’m bored. Bored and mysteriously overjoyed about it. Bored and blessed.

The kids and I arrived in Wilmington early afternoon. We’d raced to get here to relieve Joe of Brownie duties. Apparently, Brownie’s feeling the move-anxiety, too. While staying at Staybridge Suites with Brownie has been fine in the past, she has revolted this time around. Joe got a call from the hotel while he was at work. Brownie was howling and there’d been two complaints. Three, and we’re out of our all-time favorite place to stay!

So, we high-tailed it to the hotel. Brownie behaves fine with someone there.

The sellers agreed to our final offer a few minutes before I sat down to write this. Yep, finally. Once we got the appraisal and estimates for the fixes, we went back and forth with them. In the end, we didn’t get everything we wanted, but who does?

What we got was a house to move into, so we won’t be homeless long. God is good, very, very good!

And, now we’re here, feeling energized and relieved. We’ve got our excellent suite at Staybridge Suites, and all is well.

Almost as soon as we got there, Ethan and Abby went out - together - leaving me to hold down the fort with Brownie.

We have two weeks until Ethan goes to college. One week until we close on the house. So much has happened and will happen…

But, for now, I’m bored. Bored and incredibly blessed.

“We have this peaceful land because we sought God; he has given us rest from all troubles.”

2 Chronicles 14:7