The Mystery of More Drama

July 21, 2016 (6 days until we move out)

Abby’s sickness returned, with a vengeance. I took her to the doctor. She has bronchitis, maybe pneumonia.

The paperwork we sent the sellers to give them the extension that they asked for to close on August 5th sat in their hands for days.

We received two calls from our agent who said (her words, not ours), “The sellers are really freakin’ out.”

The first call from Joanna about the sellers was that they wanted to know how our process was going, that is, were we going to sell our house on time. Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?

The second call was that they hadn’t signed the extension paperwork because they wanted to see the inspection report. They claimed that they’d had the house inspected and had had work done. They felt as though they’d been ripped off by whoever did the work for them. While we understood wanting to see the report (and we agreed to let them see it), we didn’t understand the “freaking out”, especially when Joanna told us that they were freakin’ because they were worried we were going to back out.

Huff. Eye roll.

We were actually considering backing out BECAUSE they were freaking out!

Drama begets more drama. That's no mystery! Freaking out is contagious, people!

Their delay in signing the extension that THEY asked for put us in a terrible position. IF they didn’t sign, then the original contract would stand and we would have missed our deadline to ask for repairs. NOT SIGNING would mean they wouldn’t have to fix anything (or give us deductions off the price to fix things). It would also mean that the appraisal, which hadn’t happened yet, wouldn’t matter.

Joe and I signed a termination notice. If they didn’t sign the extension paperwork, which they had had for a week, we would terminate the sale.

They had until 5:00.

Just when everything had seemed to come together, we were suddenly back in the thick of stress and uncertainty. Six days left and we were thinking we’d be homeless. We would have to MOVE our home into storage and find another place to live, probably an apartment. This was exactly the time to FREAK OUT, HYSTERICS-STYLE.

But, we didn’t. Not really. It was a mystery, since freaking out had become normal (at least for me).

BUT, I had a sick baby and a house to pack. Joe and I shrugged our shoulders. As everything had been, this, too was out of our hands.

We prayed for the same thing we’d been praying all along - God’s will be done. If the sale fell through, then God didn’t want us there. Praise God. If it didn’t fall through, then praise God.

The entire process to relocate our lives had been drama, drama, drama filled. BUT, with each stressor came surrender. Surrendering to God’s will and constant help brought beautiful relief and assurance. Mysterious and Beautiful.

Everything would be okay, even if it wasn’t.

Late afternoon… they signed the extension.

A few days later, they asked for three additional days. We said NO.

“Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised.”

Hebrews 10:36