The Mystery of Fixes

July 20, 2016

“I feel like the house is going to fall down as soon as we walk into it,” I said in one of my many low moments. How we'd ever fix all things broken was an anxiety-surging mystery!

“It’ll be fine. It’s a good house,” Joe kept insisting.

UGH. While everything moved very quickly in selling our house (closing on the 27th), the yellow colonial moved molasses-style. It took a while to get estimates for the repairs needed.

The brokenness continued…

The sellers also freaked out. The closing date we’d proposed (and they signed) for July 29th was suddenly too soon for them. They needed more time. They were building a house that wouldn’t be ready, leaving them homeless. Joe argued, “It’s either us or them!” Duh. I couldn’t help but shake my head at the irony of their argument.

Our agent Joanna said that giving them more time might earn some goodwill toward the fixes. Of course, they had no idea that our mortgage company had already messed up our closing date.

We gave the sellers an extra week, and worked with our loan for a closing date of August 5th. For us, that meant 3 nights in a hotel and 1 week in a rental.

Joe says it’ll be like we’re on vacation, but I kinda think it won’t. Plus, it’s another $2,000 down the drain.

Moving is always more expensive than you expect.

We had two movers come out to the house, walk through examining all our stuff, only to tell us that they’d made mistakes, too - they were already booked. For some reason, when we told potential movers our dates, they didn’t listen. One lady came from VA Beach to give us an estimate - almost two hours’ drive - only to say, oops, my bad. Ridiculous!

As Joe said many times, “Why can’t anything be easy?” THAT was a Mystery!

FINALLY, a guy with lobsters on his socks said he could do it. Seriously. He even worked with us and our ever-changing move-in date. Still, it’s going to cost over $6,000! Ugh! Even so, movers are a luxury I wanted to have. They weren’t packing us up or even providing boxes. We did all that ourselves. We were paying for the truck and the muscles.

However difficult the pieces were coming together, they were coming. Grudgingly. The slow and imperfect progress mysteriously gave us a greater appreciation for the wins because we fought so hard for them.

“The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.”

Exodus 14:14