Dream House Mystery Part Three

June 30, 2016

Today, we revisited our top two houses - the beach house not on the beach and the yellow colonial. We crossed the new build off our list because it was farthest from Joe’s work and not in Abby’s preferred school district. Besides, if we went for the new build there would probably be unforeseen delays in construction and we didn’t want to take the gamble of not being able to move in at the end of July.

So, we were down to two OR we’d have to go new construction OR we’d have to rent for awhile (ugh, moving twice?). I can’t imagine!

It was all still such a mystery!

I keep struggling to picture myself in these strange houses, to picture myself writing in them, and I can’t. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m still struggling with the change or because none of these houses are THE ONE. Being on the fence is an uncomfortable place to be!

We revisited the beach house not on the beach. We took our time going through all the rooms, thinking about how we could make the space work. It would be tight, but we could do it with effort. We drove through the developing neighborhood. We went through pros and cons, not really getting anywhere.

Then, we went back to the yellow colonial.

As we drove through the neighborhood, just turning onto the street the house is on but still a half mile from it, we were stopped by a man driving from the other direction, about to turn into his driveway.

“Ya’ll lookin’ to buy that house down ‘re?” he asked. He was an older gentleman, wearing a baseball cap. Joe told him we were thinking about it. The man went on to rave about the neighborhood, how well the houses were built “not like dem new prefabricated houses.”

We toured the yellow colonial again. It wasn’t the style Joe wanted, but it had potential. We liked this house. The room that would be Abby’s, guess what color it was already?


Ethan’s room was already blue and there was plenty of room for a guest room, and a science corner! The location was perfect - central to everything. The more we thought about it, the more we could see ourselves in this house! The mystery was solved!

So, we made an offer on the yellow colonial!

And we prayed that God would throw up red flags if it wasn’t the right place for us.

“My people will live in a peaceful neighborhood—

in safe houses, in quiet gardens.”

Isaiah 32:18 The Message