The Hotel vs. Hospitality Mystery

June 29, 2016

Hotels are fun and refreshing, happy travelers’ oases, cozy homes-away-from-homes. They are pinnacles of hospitality and graciousness.

*Smirk* Yeah, right.

Maybe once-in-a-while, hotels can be all those things. But, when you spend a summer hotel-hopping, they tend to lose their luster. It's a mystery how we survived this nomadic existence!

Anyway, the luster was completely gone at our latest place.

Sure, we were trying to save money. Hotels and traveling are expensive - you get what you pay for, I know. Plus, we had our dog with us, thereby limiting the places we could stay.

But, still.

The hotel we stayed at on this trip was the worst ever. The entire building, yes, even our room, smelled like stale cigarettes. Like once, they allowed smoking, but then stopped, and never cleaned or changed anything to get the smell out. Though I wouldn’t have wanted to see this place’s carpet, there was none. The floor was hard and cold. Everything was dated, bare bones. In this place, hospitality was reduced to providing running water and walls.

But, it would have to do.

After returning home from our marathon of house hunting, ready to relax and become mind-numb with TV and snoozing, we were dismayed to discover that the cable was out!

Joe called the front desk. A woman came up and played with the remote for about thirty minutes (even I - the techno-dummy of the family, knew that she wasn't doing anything but fiddling, a useless waste of our time). Finally realizing her tinkering wasn't fooling anyone, she informed us that the hotel was in the process of switching service providers and this disruption was the result of that. The TV would be back tomorrow, maybe.

A cramped, smelly hotel room and now no TV?

Joe was quick to resolve the issue. He called the hotel across the street, Staybridge Suites. They had rooms (not much more expensive), accepted pets, and were happy to help.

So, we hotel-hopped and it was like we’d crossed the street into a different universe entirely.

The suite had a full kitchen, beautiful everything, no bad smell, and yes, TV.

They provided a free hot breakfast and - you won’t believe this - free dinner the following night WITH BEER AND WINE!!!!!

We slept like babies. We’d found our Wilmington hotel! Now, we had to decide on our Wilmington house. That, was still a mystery!

“When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.”

Proverbs 3:24