The Mystery to Cracking Eggs

Cracking Eggs might seem like another mundane task, but there's more mystery to it than that.

The way one cracks eggs may be a fairly accurate indicator of overall confidence.

I was just fixing myself breakfast, thinking about eggs, then birds, then Twitter, of course, because that’s the way my weird brain works, and fretting over the decision I’d made earlier - to finally get a handle on social media.

We just haven’t gotten along. It’s my fault, really. I mean she’s always there for me. I just can’t commit to such an awkward relationship. It’s like being set-up with people who are friends of friends, and just because you might be friends with one person in the group, you’re expected to click into place with the others even if you have nothing in common. And you make this awkward effort at conversation, but she just kinda sits there, unimpressed and silent, until you’re at a loss over what to say. So, you don’t say anything.

Anyway, back to the eggs.

I went to crack the eggs against the granite countertop. I’m always too gentle with this, afraid that hitting the hard surface will decimate the egg before it reaches the pan. This time was no different. My too-gentle tap forced the egg to crack into a million pieces without breaking. My finger pushed into the shell. The egg split. The egg pieces drizzled down like rain into the pan. I fished out egg pieces trying not to burn my fingers, thinking that if I could just be a little more confident with my egg-cracking, then I wouldn’t have to pick up pieces of shell out of the pan.

The way I crack eggs definitely mirrors my confidence level in general, and especially with social media. I make efforts, but they’re skittish and clumsy. Sometimes, it’s just less messy to have toast.

So, how does one become a more confident egg-cracker? It's not much of a mystery.

First, by cracking more eggs. Practice will never make perfect, but it’ll make it easier.

Second, by understanding that sometimes there will be shells in the pan. Not everything put out there will be a hit. It does no good to get hung up on the bad eggs.

Third, by not giving up on eggs altogether. Eggs are a staple in a kitchen. In writing, social media is a staple. It’s best to get the best out of them.

Cracking eggs, cracking social media - these things aren’t hard. Anyone can do them. With practice, anyone can do them well. With a little confidence to get cracking, I hope to get comfortable enough that one day, I’ll be cracking eggs one-handed while Tweeting with the other.