A Science Corner Mystery

June 19th, 2016

A visit to Ma and GPa’s house (grandparents) on Sunday prompted a new item to our house wish list. A science

corner. Since she was 4 years old, Abby has wanted to be a farmer and veterinarian. At 11, she hasn’t budged on this dream. She’s always had a great love for animals, and farming, I think, she just finds really cool. So, for her birthday in April, Ma and GPa bought her a science kit, complete with microscope and hundreds of slides. She started playing with it the moment we got home. Ma said we needed a science corner in the new house, and we all agreed.

So, I guess it was a good thing that we lost the golf-n-gator house. It went pending before we could get an offer on our house. It wasn’t the house for us, and I doubted we could find a good science corner with that layout.

The house that will work for us (and a science corner) - well, that's still a mystery!

There is, kind of, a science to this whole house hunt thing. Many variables (timing, amenities, price, feelings, marveling factor) feed into the outcome. If any one factor is off, the entire idea falls apart.

However excited we had been about that house, we weren’t very disappointed in losing it. I was surprised, given that everything seemed BIG and EMOTIONAL lately. Joe even told me that he’d had a dream not long after seeing it for the first time that it wasn’t the house for us. No dreams for me, but I was still okay with it. It wasn’t the one. Even Abby took the news well, despite having to let go of her Abby Cave.

It’s all good.

The house we will eventually find will be better for us. But, it’s crazy that so many things are unknown right now. What lies ahead for us is just one big, exciting, scary mystery.

When we’ll sell our house, when we’ll move, where we’ll move to… Deep breaths. In and out. It’ll all get figured out eventually, as will where we’ll put our new science corner.

“There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1 MSG