Dream House Mystery

June 3-4, 2016

Ah, sea breezes float through the bedroom. I open my sleepy

eyes and see the sun peeking up over the ocean and I hear the soft thunder of waves on the shore. The smell of salty air mixes with coffee. I pour myself a cup, step out onto my deck, and take in the gorgeous seascape. Should I walk down to the sea and dip my toes? Or should I climb up to the top deck (there are three levels of decking) and spot dolphins with my binoculars in between writing my next novel? So many beautiful choices! Our dream beach house beckons!

Yeah, right! That’s why they call it a DREAM house.

A true beach house is out of the question. We can’t drop a half-million, at least, on a seaside house or afford the insurances that come along for the ride. Wind. Flood. Hurricanes. Oh My! However much we love and dream about that kind of life, it’s just not possible. Not yet. Maybe never. It's a mystery!

So, what we’re looking for in Wilmington is a lot like what we have in Williamsburg. A nice house in a good neighborhood.

Seems simple, right?

*Smirk* Nothing about this is simple. Nothing.

We saw fifteen houses in two days! Yep, fifteen houses!

Thankfully, we have an agent up for a house-searching marathon! Joanna is a gorgeous beach babe - tan, blonde, tiny, and energetic. At one of the construction sites, workers actually flirted with her (to which she gave an “as if” glance and went back to looking at her phone). Joanna rounded up our picks off websites, charted our course, and zipped around town like a madwoman to make sure we got to see everything we wanted.

Exploring houses was fun, especially for Abby who was doing it for the first time. It didn’t take long for her to break off from us and go through rooms on her own.

Wilmington is a growing area, a lot of new construction. So, we saw many beautiful homes with modern finishes and big, open rooms. But, they were short on character and almost zilch on land and privacy. Though Joe hoped for a smaller yard to take care of, being able to shake hands with your neighbors between windows wasn’t his idea either. We wanted more space.

Our Williamsburg house was new construction when we moved in, and it’s been great. But, I found myself quickly turned off by the cookie-cutter, smushed together, practically treeless, unfinished neighborhoods. We’ve been there, done that. And while we couldn’t get a beach house, we wanted something that could wow us just the same (or kinda close). Comfort. Beauty. Peacefulness.

Of 15 houses, we all got excited about one. Let’s call it the golf-n-gator house because it was on a golf course and there were signs throughout the neighborhood about the possibility of gators. The golf-n-gator house was great because it had a beautiful outdoor space - bamboo trees, hydrangeas, palm trees, lilies - a sunroom and deck. Best yet, it had an upstairs bonus room with bathroom that would be perfect for Abby’s little, private sanctuary. She loved it and called it her Abby Cave. There was space between houses, too. And though we could truly do without the golf course, there was a neighborhood pool we could join. The house sat ten minutes from the ocean and was a ten-minute walk to the Cape.

It was not in Abby’s preferred school district, but since she liked all three schools, we didn’t think that mattered too much.

We put in a contingent offer (we had to sell our house before we could actually buy another), so now we wait - in mystery.

“Blessed are those who listen to me, watching daily at my doors, waiting at my doorway.”

Proverbs 8:34