The Mysterious Powers of a Beach Break

June 3, 2016

“How can we be this close to the beach and not go?” Abby asked the second morning of our Wilmington trip.

We’d gotten in late Wednesday, had toured schools and neighborhoods all day Thursday, and had more schools, and house-hunting on Friday. The trip was so jam-packed with important tasks that I hadn’t even considered going to the beach, except for maybe a drive-by if we had time. With Joe at work and our appointments set up for the afternoon, there was a small, but definite window of opportunity.

But, I wasn’t on board. Though I’d packed our swimsuits, I hadn’t packed beach towels or sunblock. The beach was a half-hour from the hotel, leaving us hardly enough time to make it worth it. Plus, we already had a huge day planned. Did we really need to add one more thing? Even if that thing was the beach?

Abby gave me that look. You may not have an Abby, but you know that look. Please, mom, please.

I gave in.

So, glad I did.

After a quick supply run at Target, Abby and I drove to the beach. We got there around 10:30, too early for mega-crowds even though it was a perfect, June day. A green flag flew over the lifeguard station and we found a spot nearby. We marked our territory, laid out our towels, doused ourselves in Beach Bum, and in we went.

I don’t do a lot without Joe. All the driving around, new places, meeting people, and the beach - just me and Abby - was a departure. A good one. A break from the comfortable.

But, relaxing was a problem. I didn’t want to venture too far out. Didn’t want to forget the time. Didn’t want to be too far from Abby. Didn’t like turning my back on our things on the shore.

But, then, like a switch, the beach won the battle. Somewhere between waves, the tensions washed away. Relaxation took over. The beach worked its mysterious magic on me.

The water was gentle, sparkling, easy. Each wave felt like being tucked in. Abby and I soaked it up like brittle sponges.

We had THE BEST TIME! And at Cinderella’s hour, we sprayed off and got donuts.

That night at dinner, Abby told me, “I dread going back home.”

I thought of the beach and having all this time with her. “Me, too.”

“You rule the raging of the Sea; When its waves rise, You still them.”

Psalm 89:9