The Mystery of Getting Schooled

June 2, 2016

Our trip to Wilmington encouraged Abby and I to be adventurous. While Joe put in some hours at the office, we got out and did targeted exploring. She played navigator. I drove.

We checked out neighborhoods we were curious about, only we didn’t get jazzed about any of them. There is a lack of order to many neighborhoods here, I think. Boundaries aren’t as defined as in Williamsburg. That sometimes made it difficult to know where we were. Still, it was fun driving around.

We toured possible middle schools she could be attending in the fall. We’d narrowed the schools down to three, so we set up tours from the guidance counselors.

Abby took everything in quietly, especially when the bells rang and the halls flooded with kids. I’m not sure how she felt (she didn’t elaborate), but I was overwhelmed just by the numbers. Course, I’m me and being overwhelmed goes along with the territory. But, my feelings were validated, somewhat, by the simple fact that the schools in Wilmington are bigger than what we’re used to. It felt like a lot of kids because it was a lot of kids.

She said she liked all the schools, but one school was her favorite. Of the three, it was the oldest school (broken windows patched with plywood, chipping paint, AC units hanging precariously out of windows), and closest to the city. Given its age and location (farthest from the beach, twenty minute drive), it surprised me that she liked this one the best. On the other hand, it had beachy breezeways connecting the buildings, glorious oaks with hanging moss, magnolia trees, and weeping willows swaying across the landscape. The school that was farthest from the beach was actually the beachiest looking.

Chances of a house in that district, however, were the smallest. Just not enough houses for sale. Good thing she liked all three schools. Though, her fave choice had the highest ratings.

Anyway, getting a chance to check things out was great. Hanging out with Abby was even better. Just the two of us. Ga time.

At one point as we were cruising around, she put one hand out the window and one hand on my back. We drove like that for a while. It was so sweet.

It’s not so daunting anymore, this thing we’re doing. It’s more an adventure.

“So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little while.”

1 Peter 1:6