Stressed & Blessed: A Mystery

May 19, 2016

I’m running the risk of being repetitive here, but let me just reiterate: MOVING IS INCREDIBLY STRESSFUL!

That's no mystery, but how the stress materialized was. The stress showed up in crazy ways.

For Abby, emotions bubbled up suddenly. Like, today, when she called me to pick her up from one of her favorite church activities because she was upset. Forms for the next school year had come home, even though she wouldn’t be there, and seeing them had made her sad.

For me, the stress manifested in being moody and emotional, and severe come-and-go back pain (some days I could hardly walk). Stress meant I couldn’t write. It meant I failed to do many of the good things I used to do for myself like exercise regularly and diet. The wave of stress meant getting pulled under the lure of too much wine many nights and oddly not communicating with Joe like we should. The rock of stress weighed me down like crazy.

The stressful stuff was tempered with blessings. I just had to weed through my anxieties to see them. These were joys amid the chaos.

Like, the gentle man named Dakota who came and talked to me about the snake in the birdhouse and assured me that he’d take care of it. He did, by the way, on a day I wasn’t even there to see it. Thank God!

Like, the American Red Cross Blood Drive for a sweet little girl battling cancer. It was an event I’d never organized before. Sure, lots of stress. But, what an amazing event and an excellent turn out! I was proud that it was one of the last events I did at work.

Like, every minute I got to spend with the ladies!

Like, all the amazing people who stopped to talk to me about our move and wish us well. And all those who gave me great advice.

Like, starting this journal.

My advice to anyone going through major stress is first, not to neglect yourself. I did, and it made things worse. Second, take one thing at a time and be in the moment. Third, count your blessings. They will keep you afloat when the waves come.

“Then God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water.” Genesis 21:19