The Marvelous Mystery

I’m officially addicted to Trulia and Zillow and my addiction really amounts to nothing but a serious time-killer. Without seeing the houses in person and with no contract on our house now, online house-hunting is fairly pointless beyond getting a feel for what the area has to offer.

My new home fantasies have been of the warped variety anyway.

In my daydreams, I imagine waking up early with coffee (as I’m doing right now) and walking by our new sliding glass doors and deck to find a gator begging to come inside, like he’s the family dog. I stop to video the phenomenon, and he gets pissed. Did we buy a house that came with it’s own gator? Funny, we didn’t notice that on the inspection report.

The gator starts swinging his tail, hitting the glass with it. Maybe I should stop recording to dial 9-1-1.

So, the gator thing is on my mind (Did you read A Gator Mystery?), but the truth is that I’d put up with a pet gator if the house was perfect for Abby (good school district, friends, etc.) and it provided one more important thing.

I want to live in a place that inspires marveling.

That’s the word that sums up all our vacations. We’ve marveled at the ocean, our walks along the beach, gorgeous shells and unidentified objects. We’ve marveled at peace and quiet. We’ve marveled at fun arcade games and good food. We’ve marveled at off-roading and ocean breezes and sunrises and sunsets. We’ve marveled over the mystery of how much closer we’ve felt to God and each other here.

I’ve narrowed down my wants to those. I used to want a beach house (still do in some ways). If I’m going coastal, I thought, I wanted to go all in. I wanted a house that was all stilts and decks and water views.

But, now that such a move is upon us and I’ve seen how expensive true beach houses are, I realize what’s more important: a perfect place for Abby and marveling.

Course, when I use those search terms on Zillow, nothing comes up. I’ll have to rely on a much better house hunting search engine. Might sound cheesy, but I know that God has the perfect place already worked out for us. I just can’t wait to find it!

"This was the Lord’s doing; It is marvelous in our eyes."

Psalm 118:23