For Sale Sign Mystery

May 14, 2016

Mysteriously, the FOR SALE sign appeared on our yard by the time Abby and I returned home from dinner on Friday (after a very tough week). It wasn’t one of those push-into-the-ground signs, either. It was a wooden mammoth, shoved into the earth like Hercules was the sign-guy on Long and Foster’s payroll. The sturdy, semi-permanent sign made the move feel official or at least officially broadcasted. If anyone hadn’t found out already, they’d certainly know now.

We were officially moving and officially on high alert.

With the sign came showings - at least at first. We woke up Saturday morning to a marathon. The house we’d neglected all week since the pictures were taken had to be perfected again for two showings, starting at 11:30.

Selling a house is like practicing a fire drill. We panic. Then, we evacuate.

The upside to all this craziness is that I finally have a neat and tidy house. The kids are making their beds and rinsing the toothpaste out of the sink. Sure, it’s under threat of punishment, but the important thing is that it’s happening.

My house has never been so clean or looked so good… just in time for us to be leaving it.

The race to sell our house could be a sprint or a marathon. It's a mystery! All we can do is keep it clean and wait.

"Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."

Psalm 27:14