A Mysterious Perspective

May 8, 2016

The whole moving our lives to another state thing has taken a not-so-content backseat to everyday life. The mystery is - how are we going to get through all this unscathed?

We won't.

Weeks likes these don't help.

Joe’s gone. The week ahead looks busy. Ethan’s got baseball every day. Abby’s got softball twice. My schedule’s different because Lisa’s taking a long weekend. My dad found a big mistake in my second book (more about that in my writing blog). There’s most certainly a snake living in one of the birdhouses at school. Creepin’ me out. And we're all in a weird kind of mourning - unsettled about what we're leaving when we move.

We keep asking how and why?

God answered through a sermon today - about perspective. He talked about how judgey Christians try to beat people over the head with guilt and fear - the opposite of what Jesus did. He spoke of standing firm in faith - that it’s an internal thing.

He also spoke of outsourcing our anxieties - handing all our BS over to God. Anxiety does absolutely nothing for us. It works against us. I know that. It's reasonable. But still. I struggle with this. Can you imagine being able to truly give up your anxieties? We cling to those for dear life, like they are the rope we are dangling on over the side of a mountain. That rope is the only thing we have - that we control. We're supposed to let go, though, and trust that God's got us. If we can have that kind of faith, then we're looking at life from an awesome perspective. I want that.


From any perspective, outsourcing my anxieties, thinking of love and peace…

I can’t come up with anything good concerning a damn snake living in the birdhouse.

I’ll never look at birdhouses the same way again. Ugh.

Pray that the Lord will take the snakes away from us. Numbers 21:7