The Mysterious Jellyfish

Jellyfish go with the flow. These light, gelatinous blobs aren’t equipped for traditional swimming, so they go wherever the ocean currents take them. Occasionally, they get into trouble, like when they float into a pesky swimmer or get tangled in a fishing net. But, generally, they just move right along, just going wherever the mystery might take them.

Floating on water is an incredible feeling, isn’t it? You have to surrender to it, let go of all that muscle tension, and just give in. When you do, it’s relaxing, easy, even spiritual. With the water clogging your ears, you can really hear yourself breathing, like your breathing is suddenly on speaker. In. Out. Back. Forth. Jelly.


It’s hard for me to meditate. My brain gets too worked up. But, when I float, I get a taste of what meditation is like - I think. That quiet, calm, open feeling, mysterious in its surrender and simplicity.

In real life, I feel like I’m constantly swimming against currents. Trying to make things work that just don’t. Trying to have time for everything when the fact is that I’m trying to do too much. Trying to be all things to all people, when really that’s impossible. It takes so much energy, so much angst, when really I should just float.

Be Jelly. Float and listen to my breathing. Open myself up to peace and quiet and ultimately God. When I see jellyfish floating along with the currents, I think, gosh, that’s what I want. I want to be jelly. To just be. To be okay with moving wherever I’m going instead of trying to go where I want. I wonder where God would take me if I just let him. It would be a beautiful mystery.