About Me

Seriously? Do I really have to do this? I mean, I LOVE writing, but do I have to write about myself? Ah, there’s no drama in it! It’s SO boring! UGH!


Okay, how about I spice my character up a bit? It’s the only way this is going to work…


IN A WORLD full of amazing book-adventures and writers working toward success around every corner (seriously, there are like three in my neighborhood alone), ever-hopeful story-creator, Jessica Sherry toils away endlessly in her production epicenter (her desk and computer) attempting to achieve the near-impossible – writing success (a respectable number of fans, a decent income, and IDK, the ability to call myself a writer without feeling like a poser). Her writing journey has been a desperate and tumultuous one. She penned her first award-winning novel in the third grade (by awards, I mean the praises of my eight-year-old peers). In high school, her second novel earned her a wide readership (in my high school) and many accolades. While she earned her English degree at Virginia Tech and went on to enter the field of education, she began the long, arduous, and heartbreaking task of querying agents and publishers.

Several years and many books later, she’d amassed an impressive body of work (my manuscript graveyard) while book deals remained elusive. After a disappointing stint with a small publisher for her first Delilah Duffy mystery novel, Sea-Devil, she abandoned traditional publishing altogether and broke out into the self-publishing universe where she has released three mysteries so far into the vast, dark, and seemingly bottomless pit of Amazonian authors, where she has been wading and waiting since 2015.


And yet, she still dreams of seeing her books on the shelves at Target (the end caps, people!) one day. 


So, like a good little writer, she’s been filling her time between novels with eking out an online presence (playing on Twitter). Along with her author site, she has created a blog to combat her disappointments and celebrate her addictions (coffee, wine, words). Coffeebrained.com is a quirky home to her ramblings.


Her works-in-progress include a fourth Delilah Duffy mystery and two dark, superhero novels – the first of which has WON a spot in this year’s #Pitchwars contest, scoring TWO Yoda-like mentors who will ultimately lead her to an agent and yes, ahhhhh, traditional publishing success (or at least give me the confidence to put my work out there again). 


When she isn’t traversing her fictional worlds, she enjoys outdoor exploration (taking walks with her husband and going to the beach) and cultural enrichment (watching Netflix). She lives with her family in beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina.