A Delilah Duffy Mystery Series


"First time author Jessica Sherry has a winner in Sea Devil!  This book is one of my top 2 favorite books of 2013 and I highly recommend it."

"I love Delilah.  There was something about her.  She felt real. She felt like someone I would know.. Heck she felt like me with just a heck of a lot more grace."

"Sea-Devil is reminiscent of an Agatha Christie or Murder She Wrote style Who Done It? with a modern twist. The culprit is not easily identified, even this amateur detective of mystery novels had a hard time pin pointing the murderer and motive in this story."

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We're all just one pain away from lunacy. A seaside inn. An elegant party. A black dress. What could go wrong? For Delilah Duffy, just about anything. With her bookstore failing, the last thing she needs is a party or another mystery to solve. With nightmares, anxiety, and panic intensifying, Delilah doesn’t know what’s real and what’s in her head. With everything at risk, Delilah discovers what’s worse… becoming a lunatic or facing one.

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